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Tuition and Fee Policy

Tuition and Fee Information

Information regarding the SOM’s tuition and fees can be found on the HMSOM website at hmsom.org. Information on mandatory fees is published on the HMSOM website.

Refund Policy

A tuition refund may be granted in accordance with the institutional refund policy to those who qualify. All other fees are nonrefundable, unless prohibited by law. Please see the section titled Tuition Refund Policy for more details.

Student Payment Options

Payments are accepted on the SOMA portal through the Financial Accounts tile. Touchnet is the SOM’s payment processor. Touchnet can accept ACH payments (e-check) and credit card payments. Students and other sponsors can mail a check, certified check, or money order payment to the following address: 

Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine
The Office of Student Accounts
123 Metro Blvd. Suite 4448
Nutley, NJ 07110

Students may also bring one of those methods of payment in person to the SFS Office.

Payment Plans

Students can elect to sign up for a payment plan each semester with an enrollment fee of $45 through the SOMA Portal on the Financial Accounts>Touchnet tile. Automatic payments can be set up through the payment plan. The SOM is not responsible for fees or penalties incurred because of payment with a debit card or other credit cards. The student should contact their financial institution to ascertain if there are any restrictions or limit restrictions on their account.

Please see full policy by reviewing: Financial Assistance for Available Students

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