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General Information

A faculty member is an individual who is appointed by the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine (HMSOM/SOM), employed with Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) and has an active faculty appointment.

Faculty members in the School of Medicine have a significant professional responsibility to the SOM, HMH, and the profession. They must show active engagement in teaching, service or research.

To learn more about starting the process of becoming School of Medicine Faculty, click here.

The HMSOM offers various ranks for faculty members, including Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor.

  • Instructors must have a Master's degree or equivalent in a recognized profession and evidence of effective teaching.
  • Assistant Professors must have a doctoral degree or terminal degree in a discipline from an accredited institution, and evidence of teaching effectiveness, scholarship, and meaningful service to the institution, profession, and community.
  • Associate Professors must have active board certification, 6 years of significant teaching experience, scholarship, research, and service to the HMSOM, HMH, the profession, and the community.
  • Professors require proven ability, accomplishments, and evidence of peer recognition for excellence at a national and/or international level.
  • Adjunct faculty appointments require a two-year term, candidate-specific rationale, and a letter from the HMSOM Chair, good standing from the Academic Department Chair, and a CV.
  • Visiting faculty appointments require a one-year primary appointment at another institution, a letter from the HMSOM Academic Department Chair, and a review and recommendation process from the Chair to the Dean.
  • Emeritus/a Faculty at HMSOM is a lifetime title for good standing faculty, requiring a letter detailing past contributions and anticipated continued service.

Applications for appointment can be made through Initial, Reappointment, or Promotion. The selection process for each position is based on the candidate's qualifications, teaching experience, and evidence of merit.

To Learn More about Appointments and Promotions, click here.

Faculty members at Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine have the option to obtain an hmsom.edu email alias for professional use. If you are interested in acquiring an alias, please contact Jason Farrugia at jason.farrugia@hmhn.org.

The Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine Library, established in May 2018 at the IHS Campus in Nutley, NJ, aims to support learning, research, and inquiry by providing resources and services that promote evidence-based practice and lifelong learning skills, ultimately leading to excellence in patient care.

To learn more about the HMSOM Library, click here.

For instructions on how to log in to the HMSOM Library, click here.

For all other inquires, please contact: library@hmsom.edu

Academic departments at the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine house our teaching faculty. Please follow the links below to read more about our departments and the school’s medical science and physician educators.

To view our Academic Departments and their Chairs, click here.

The Office of Faculty requires that all candidates for faculty appointments undergo a background check as part of the initial appointment and reappointment processes. Once you have expressed interest in becoming faculty, the Office of Faculty will reach out to you to complete this two-step process.

(Note: The HMSOM background check is different from the one you completed for employment at the HMH network, and background checks are not transferable due to the SOM being a separate entity.)

  • Step 1: Complete a Non-Paid Activation Form (NPAF)
  • Step 2: Provide consent for the background check through Certiphi (Application Station), our 3rd party vendor.

For more assistance or questions, please contact, somfaculty@hmsom.edu.

The Interprofessional Health Sciences campus (IHSC) houses the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine, as well as the Seton Hall College of Nursing and Seton Hall School of Health and Medical Sciences.

Visitor parking at the IHSC is permitted for IHSC business only and only in designated parking areas. All visitors park in the IHSC garage located on Ideation Way.

For a map of the campus and parking information, click here.

The Office of Faculty Advancement aims to keep faculty members informed about HMSOM and its students. To maintain consistent communication, faculty members can update their contact information by contacting the Office of Faculty Advancement at somfaculty@hmsom.edu.

Faculty Involvement

The Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine offers opportunities for faculty involvement at various points and a variety of settings throughout the curriculum. Students complete a three-year core curriculum, meeting rigorous standardized learning outcomes. This competency-based curriculum works to instill the idea of lifelong learning and self-directed learning as the students reach their goals.

To learn more about teaching opportunities and the curriculum, click here.


Small Group Anatomy Lab & Large Group “Lectures” | Keith Metzger, PhD, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education and Learning: keith.metzger@hmsom.edu

Human Dimensions (HD) | Carmela Rocchetti, MD, Assistant Dean of Community Engaged Medical Education: carmela.rocchetti@hmsom.edu

Patient-Based Problem-Solving (PPPC) | Tovah Tripp, MD, Director of PPPC: tovah.tripp@hmsom.edu

Clinical Skills (CS) | Ofelia Martinez, MD, Assistant Dean of Medical Education: ofelia.martinez@hmsom.edu

Mukundha Maneyapanda, MD, Associate Director of Clinical Skills: mukundha.maneyapanda@hmsom.edu

Longitudinal Clinical Preceptor Program (LCP) | Office of Faculty Development: somfacdev@hmhn.org

Phase 2 Clerkships | Office of Medical Education: OMEadmin@hmhn.org

Phase 2 Subinternship & Advanced Clinical Electives | Elizabeth Koltz, EdM, Director of Instructional and Curricular Design: elizabeth.koltz@hmsom.edu

Phase 3 Electives | Elizabeth Koltz, EdM, Director of Instructional and Curricular Design: elizabeth.koltz@hmsom.edu

For LEO access, or vendor forms, contact Isa Asani at isa.asani@hmhn.org.

The School of Medicine and Hackensack Meridian Health are committed to research to advance knowledge and achieve their goals. Their research agenda aligns with the HMH network's vision and mission, focusing on advancing student education, eradicating health disparities through medical education, behavioral, community, health services, implementation, and innovation research, and identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement in both institutions' research capacity.

To learn more about Research, click here.


Stanley Terlecky, PhD, Vice Dean of Research and Chair of Medical Sciences: stanley.terlecky@hmsom.edu

M.I.N.D.S. is a 6-week paid internship for underrepresented high school juniors and seniors, focusing on medical professions, social determinants of health, and New Jersey health disparities.

To learn more about how to be invovled with the M.I.N.D.S. program, contact somdei@hmhn.org.

The Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine offers many official programs (Committee on Student Wellness; Physician Mentoring, etc.); Advocacy/Diversity/Equity student organizations (Latino Medical Association; Student National Medical Association, etc.) and student-initiated and run Clubs (Arts in Medicine; Parks and Recreation; etc.).

To learn more about Student Organizations & Special Interest Groups or to become a faculty advisor, click here.

The Specialty Mentor program helps students identify, explore, and achieve desired career goals, helping them make informed decisions. Mentors are practicing physicians and HMSOM faculty with in-depth knowledge of their field. Students are matched with a specialty mentor in their top specialty choice, and their mentor supports them through residency application and match processes.

To learn more about Mentoring, click here.


Dwayne Kelly, Senior Academic Advisor of Advising and Career Development: dwayne.kelly@hmhn.org
Rachel Cirelli, Director of Advising and Career Development: rachel.cirelli@hmhn.org

The Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine elected and/or appointed standing committees and subcommittees (collectively, “committee” or “committees”) of the SOM shall be established in the SOM. Each standing committee shall create bylaws to govern the activities and membership of the committee. Unless noted otherwise, SOM standing committees report to the Dean, who also approves their bylaws.

To learn more about Standing Committees, click here.

To learn more about the Faculty Assembly, click here.

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