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Medical Education Scholarship and Innovation

The opportunity to build a school of medicine in a mission-driven way has enabled the SOM team to make intentional choices at every turn. The SOM Vision directly impacted the choices we have made about what to teach, how to teach, and how to structure the curriculum.

This enables us to build an innovative curriculum that builds on existing educational methods and evidence, and is specifically designed to achieve the educational outcomes we have set as our goals.

A key factor to ensure we are achieving our stated outcomes, is the scholarly study of our medical education program. There are many aspects to our Medical Education Scholarship Initiative. Faculty, administrators, staff, students, and community partners all engage in various types of projects and initiatives.

View the abstracts written by recent students in the Medical Education Curriculum Development and Research Electives.

Key components of our Medical Education Scholarship Initiative include:

  1. Medical Education Journal Club
  2. Medical Education Scholarship Meeting
  3. Medical Education Scholarship Tracker
  4. Medical Education Scholarship Toolkit

Medical Education Journal Club

During our monthly Medical Education Journal Club meetings, members review and discuss recent and important health professions education literature. Please see below for topics discussed, links to full articles and podcasts. SOM faculty and staff can email Kristian Thame to be added to the invitation list.

Medical Education Scholarship Conference

Our monthly Medical Education Scholarship Meeting contains two types of activities:

(1) Project presentation and discussion

Teams present Medical Education Scholarship projects they are currently working on, and the participants at the meeting discuss questions the team has and provide feedback. Projects can be early on (e.g. “I have this phenomenon I would like to study, and here are my ideas for how to approach this”) or farther along (e.g. presentation of a project that is far along, includes preliminary results and data analysis, and the team has specific questions for the group).

(2) Capacity building

Various topics, skills, and resources will be presented and discussed to build the overall research and scholarship abilities of members of the SOM team.

See the list below for topics from recent meetings. SOM faculty and staff can email Kristian Thame to be added to the invitation list.

Medical Education Scholarship Tracker

Click Here for our Medical Education Scholarship Tracker:

Faculty and staff are encouraged to enter the information for the Medical Education Scholarship projects and initiatives they are working on. This provides an opportunity for others in the SOM to see the exciting work you are doing, and to help you find collaborators. You will need to use your HMSOM credentials to request access to the document.

Medical Education Scholarship Toolkit

Click Here for our Medical Education Scholarship Toolkit which includes resources on medical education journals, how to publish, searching and using the literature, and more.

Below you will find recent topics, articles, and podcasts from recent journal clubs and Scholarship meetings. SOM faculty and staff can email Kristian Thame to be added to the invitation list for either of these.

Medical Education Journal Club
Date: October 26, 2021
Topic: Programmatic Assessment Article: Validity Evidence for Programmatic Assessment in Competency-Based Education
Article Link
Podcast Link
Date: May 5, 2021
Topic: Assessment in Medical Education
Article: A History of Assessment in Medical Education
Article Link
Podcast Link
Date: April 7, 2021
Topic: Using and Assessing the Quality of Surveys in Health Professions Education ResearchArticle 1: Developing questionnaires for educational research: AMEE Guide No. 87
Article 1 Link
Article 2: “The Questions Shape the Answers”: Assessing the Quality of Published Survey Instruments in Health Professions Education Research
Article 2 Link
Podcast Link
Date: March 1, 2021
Topic: Deliberate Practice, Growth Mindset, and Learning AnalyticsArticle: Using Learning Curves to Identify and Explain Growth Patterns of Learners in Bronchoscopy Simulation: A Mixed-Methods Study
Article Link
Podcast Link
Date: January 26, 2021
Topic: Medical Education Research
Foundations Article 1: Research Compass: An introduction to research in medical education: AMEE Guide No 56
Article 1 Link
Article 2: The Hiker’s Guide to the RIME Supplement: Choosing Directions in Research
Article 2 Link

Medical Education Scholarship Meeting
Date: February 2022
Capacity building topic: A Primer in Quantitative Study Design/Speaker – Dr. Chosang Tendhar
Primer Quantitative Study
A Primer for Quantitative Study Design
Student Presentations: Janae Moment, M4 (2018 Cohort)
Title: The Technique of Blending Mindfulness and Self-Awareness Training with Social Justice Education
Date: January 2022
Capacity building topic: Foundations of Medical Education ResearchProject Discussions: Health Systems Science Research – Joshua Josephs, MD
Student Presentation: Vishnu Bharani, M4 (2018 Cohort)Title: Finding Effective Peer Evaluation Processes for Incorporation into Team Based Learning (TBL)
Date: December 2021
Capacity building topic: longMEDProject Discussion: longMED – the SOM’s cutting edge longitudinal medical education outcomes database. This is an infrastructure we have built to support an outcomes-focused, big data approach to medical education research. Using an IRB repository approach, it supports faculty research on our school and its outcomes. (Dr. Miriam Hoffman)
Date: November 2021
Capacity building topic: Staying Current With Medical Journal Literature
Toolkit Link: https://library.shu.edu/StayingCurrent
Project Discussion: Staying current with the medical literature can be difficult for the busy student, faculty member, or medical practitioner. (Allison Piazza)
Date: May 2021
Topic: Quality Improvement
Article: Perspective: Medical Education Research and the Institutional Review Board: Reexamining the Process
Article Link Capacity building topic: IRB Project Discussion: Students’ engagement with online asynchronous large group active learning (Elizabeth Koltz, Clara Chen, Dr. Keith Metzger, Dr. Chosang Tendhar, Christopher Duffy)
Article Link
Date: April 2021
Capacity building topic: ZoteroProject Discussion: Clinical Reasoning Programmatic Assessment (Drs. Ofelia Martinez, Mukundha Maneyapanda, Tovah Tripp, and colleagues)
Date: March 2021
Capacity building topic: Human subjects protection training, Medical Education Scholarship Toolkit
Toolkit Link Project Discussion: Online learning student satisfaction data (Dr. Chosang Tendhar)
Date: February 2021
Capacity building topic: Medical Education Scholarship Initiative goals and structureProject Discussion: The Effect of Optional Anatomy Laboratory Experiences on Medical Student Performance (Drs. Michelle Titunik, Ellen Hagopian, Anthony Pagano and Keith Metzger)
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